It all starts with strong, unique concepts. As a professional graphic designer, I’m passionate about creating them, then translating them into impactful visuals that distinguish my clients from the competition. My graphic design skills and software expertise, coupled with my many years in advertising/marketing, enable me to help you visually speak to your own clients in simple, yet very powerful ways. 
I trace my artistic development back to my childhood fascination with comic books, whose captivating imagery fed my imagination and sparked a desire to draw and create things that didn’t exist in the real world but, at the same time, were based on reality.
My passion is transforming reality into the fantastical.  My years of study in traditional painting and drawing techniques – including a focus on anatomy – give me the freedom to express my visions based on reality, and to transform that reality into surreal/fantasy themes and imagery. I continue to be inspired by artists from the Renaissance to contemporary illustrators in the film and graphic novel industries. I’m constantly observing the world around me – whether in the street, the subway, the movies, etc. – and wondering how I can transform what I see into something different, something unique, wonderful and believable. Normally, I’ll say to myself, “Okay, this exists in this specific way or realm,” and then start to imagine and visualize it in my mind. “What can I do to turn this into something unique?” puts the creative process into motion.

Communications Design
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
MoCCA Art Exhibit at Armory, New York, NY
Artist Alley at NY Comicon, New York, NY
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